Australia Bound! Dec 22, 2015



Another early morning!  We were in a taxi headed to the airport at 6am to catch our flight with Jetstar to Sydney, Australia!

Let me discuss Jetstar. Before I start, I should warn you that this entire post is just about me venting about Jetstar and my slight dislike of them.  If you don’t want to read my venting, I understand.  For the rest of you, here we go.

For any of my fellow travellers who aren’t from Australia, New Zealand or Asia, you probably haven’t heard of this airline.  I hadn’t either, and I really wish I would have, because it would have saved us a lot of hassle!  Jetstar is the discount airline owned by Quantas Airlines (the big Australian Airline).  If you are from North America, think about Spirit Airlines.  If you have ever flown Spirit Airlines, then chances are you only flew with them once because they are complete rip off right?  Same goes for Jetstar.  First, you think you are getting a great deal, but then when you add on money for baggage, and money for food and entertainment, you would have actually been better offer taking a better airline.  They have a STRICT 7kg (13lb) carry-on weight policy.  Most of us at home are used to having 30lb for a carry-on, so this was a HUGE adjustment, and caused us to forego using standard carry-ons, and having to use a laptop bag and a tote bag.  The cost for baggage is also ridiculous.  It cost us easily $100 each by the time we were done with baggage.

If you want to eat on the plane, guess how much it will cost you?? $24 AUD (about the same CAD)!! Can you believe that? For this outrageous price, you get a small aluminum foil container with some kind of meat in it with some veggies.  Do you want to watch movies? That will cost you $7.  We decided to skip our meal, and just buy the entertainment.  We stocked up at the airport on some sandwiches, snacks, waters, etc. for the 10 hour flight, which came to about the same as buying 2 small hot meals on-board. The flight attendants only came around twice during the flight, and this was to offer us beverages.  No, not the free coffee, tea, water that you are used to on other flights.  Everything cost money!  Even the water that was free was tap water, no bottle.  Seriously, I have NEVER been on an airplane that didn’t serve coffee or tea for free!  No free snacks either, nothing.

Oh I forgot to tell you about seating.  That isn’t free either.  If you want to pick your seat, even just a regular economy seat, it will cost you money.  If you want a better seat (which of course we wanted due to the length of this flight), that will cost you money ON TOP OF the money you already spent picking a normal seat.  We decided to upgrade to a seat with extra leg room, but honestly, it didn’t appear to have more legroom than the normal seats, so I think we got screwed on that one.  It was large enough for me to cross my legs, and for Trevor to sit normal though, so they must have been a tad bigger to make that work.  Our seats were right behind 1st class again, and boy, did I feel bad for them! They were ripped off more than anyone! They had no privacy/separation from us, plus they had the same amount of legroom that we did.  Their seats didn’t recline down or anything.  The only difference I could see was the typical drink/food that is offered.  If you ever want to fly 1st class on Jetstar, take my advice and save your money by paying for an “upfront” seat instead (this is what we had).

The plane itself was very nice and new, but that is where the compliments end.  I am actually surprised that we didn’t have to pay for the oxygen for our safety masks.


That’s the end of my venting.

Thanks for listening!


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