16 hours in Hawaii – Dec 21, 2015






Unfortunately for us, we were only able to spend a mere 24 hours in this beautiful place (very sad).  We landed at around 12:30 p.m. local time, and we were due back at the airport in just 16 hours.  I decided to book us a layover here anyway, because the other option was to have a connecting flight, which would mean waiting in the airport and having to take our big 10 hour flight after we had just flown 6 hours from L.A.  Neither of us were up for a 16 hour flight, so we decided to check out Hawaii!  We landed in Honolulu on the island of Oahu.  The weather was a perfect 23-25 Degrees and sunny with some light drizzle.  The trip to our hotel was pretty uneventful, other than meeting a single traveller from New Jersey who we chatted with the entire way.  Our hotel was just 20 minutes from the airport, so nice and close for the early morning flight.

20151221_154828I booked us into the Hilton Waikiki Village, which at $350 US per night, was the most either of us had ever spent on a hotel room.  The ONLY reason we did this (just so you don’t think I am completely insane), is that we had a $200 voucher, which we received on our Honeymoon in Vegas when we stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacations there.  The voucher had to be used by January 2016, and it was good for $200 towards another Hilton stay.  The catch is that I had to mail the voucher, along with the invoice when we checked out to the head office.  It will take 8-10 weeks to get a $200 Visa card, which will inevitably go to Goderich where our mail is currently being forwarded back home in Canada.  Then, I will have to ask my parents (who are reading this now) to use the $200 Visa card and to send us the money via email transfer.  Sounds like a lot of work when I type it all out, but it really isn’t, and it was worth it to stay at such an amazing resort!  When we checked in I got to use the “Hilton Honours” line because I had signed up before our Honeymoon also.  This is free and it helps get you a slight advantage when you are looking for free upgrades.  It also allows you free internet access, when normally there would be a charge.  We met a lovely lady who checked us in, and we eventually mentioned our plans to travel the world for the next year.  She thought this was the best idea ever, and told us that she was very happy for us.  I asked for a room upgrade, thinking it would be free, so when she gave me options and prices, I apologized and said that we couldn’t afford to spend any more on this room!  I guess our small chat melted her heart, because she ended up giving us an upgrade to an ocean view room, without me even saying a word!  We thanked her very much, and she wished us a happy journey.

The next agenda item was to change our 4 a.m. pickup time with the local shuttle service.  Neither of us wanted to be up that early, and after realizing we were only 20 minutes away; there is no way we were going to leave 4 hours early!!  There were no more spots open on the later shuttles, so we cancelled and decided we would just take a taxi.  After our experience in L.A. we wanted personal door to door service!  We got settled in our room, took some pictures, and headed down for some lunch on the beach.  This is when we realized that Hawaii would be the most expensive place we have EVER been!  We had heard from other travellers and friends that it is expensive, but I never would have guessed just HOW expensive until we ordered lunch.20151221_150210For 2 hamburgers with fries, and 1 alcoholic drink each, it came to just under $70 US, so with our tip and the conversion to Canadian Dollars, this was a $90 lunch!!! Insane!! Even if we wanted to, there was no way we could afford to stay in Hawaii another day!  We were both feeling pretty tired and jet lagged again from another time zone change, so we rested in the room for a bit before heading down again to watch the sunset.  It was beautiful.


We were in bed pretty early, and didn’t get to enjoy any Hawaii nightlife. There was a Luau going on at the hotel, which we could see in the distance from our balcony, and could hear quite well, but we were both too tired to attempt to be a part of it.  We skyped with our parents, and settled in for the night.  We were up bright and early, and off, yet again to the airport! Bound for Sydney, Australia!

Here are some photos from around the resort:




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