You’re doing what?!


We are a husband and wife from Canada who decided to sell our home, store most of our belongings and travel the world for (at least) the next year.  Why? Why not?

Ok, so maybe you want a real explanation.  I wish I could say this was a well thought-out plan, but really, it kind of happened overnight, and we just went with it.

The back story is this:

We were living in London, Ontario, which is a small city in Canada.  Neither of us were happy with our jobs or our home.  The first step (we thought) would be to sell our home and try to find a location within the city that might make us happier.  After putting the house up for sale, I lost my job.  For most people this would be devastating, but for me, it was a blessing in disguise.  I believe everything happens for a reason, and during this time, I started coming across various Canadian couples and single travellers who were doing “house sitting” around the world.  What is house sitting? Read our post here.

You can read how we made our decision to travel here.

So, knowing my husband also wanted a change in life/career, I approached him with the idea of not buying another home, and to travel the world instead.  His reaction? “Ummm….what?”.  Pretty standard reaction right? Well, we talked about it for many nights, and it literally came down to the night that our real estate agent came to us with an offer to buy our home, and asked us “so….are we putting an offer on that other home?” We told him we would think about it, and hours later had decided not to buy another home.  It really was that quick and simple for us.

What you can expect from this website:

For now, check for updates in our “Leaving Canada” section as I post some blogs while we are still home and in transit (via Los Angeles and Hawaii). I will also be updating the “House Sitting” section as soon as I can so that you have more information on how the process works and how you can do it too!  I am slowly working to update the “Australia” section now that we are settled here! As we move from place to place, we will be blogging about our journey as House Sitters, and telling you about our side projects which include affiliate marketing and drop shipping. So, as you can see there will be lots (eventually), so please come on back soon!